Characters that remind you of your alters

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I think it’s kinda cool when you come across a character, in a book or movie or whatever, that reminds you of a system member personality-wise.

I recently started watching avatar, the last airbender and i gotta say, Aang really reminds me of Mimi. Like Aang, Mimi has a very playful approach to challenges and life in general. Now, I don’t mean playful as in not taking things seriously, but rather that she remains optimistic and tries to see the bright side. She has a lot of faith and believes that there is good in everyone, and she is very eager to help others. Sometimes, both Mimi and Aang might even come off as a bit naive.
Just like Aang, Mimi is very spiritual and has a deep connection with nature and animals. However, below the surface, they both fear and doubt that they are not strong enough to face what is to come (for Aang, that would be saving the world and for Mimi, it is the challenge of being an alter and protecting the system). I wouldn’t say that Aang resembles Mimi perfectly, but the ways in which he does are very striking.

I’ve also started watching an anime called Steins;gate (an awesome anime btw) and it features a character that reminds me so much of Wynn that it’s almost scary. The character is called Mayuri and she is just the sweetest girl. She is very childlike, to a point where is comes off as a little dumb. However, as the series progresses, we learn that, while she isn’t very cunning, she is very perceptive and unbelievably caring. Just like Mayuri, Wynn is so loving, kind and innocent that she can seem a little slow, but in reality she is very perceptive and does understand more than she gives away. Both of them seem so carefree most of the time, but they do have their worries, they just don’t really show it. Also, they both like cosplaying and kawaii stuff.
They might not be good at math or whatever, but they are good with people. They see with the heart, not the mind and I think that is what makes them so precious.

Realizing this has made me wonder what characters us other alters are alike, and i gotta say that I’m not sure yet. Have you come across characters that remind you of your alters? Which ones and why do they remind you of your system members?