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Yesterday, We graduated. Even got a reward for being top of my year. In fact, my principal jokingly said that I went down in history for having such good grades (scored 19.45 out of 20 possible). All of that despite being hospitalized 3 times last year and being diagnosed with four mental health disorders. Yep, one can have mental health issues and still be successful.

It was nice, yesterday. We had a ceremony at school, before the last year students’ families arrived and had lunch at the school restaurant. Saying goodbye to the teachers and students was strange, but things haven’t sunk in yet to be honest. After that me and my family and boyfriend headed home for yummy dessert. I also got a bracelet maKer from my parents and a tablet (!!) from my boyfriend, which I was super excited about.

We’re really going to miss our friend from school and mentor. He (mentor) has been so supportive and accepting of all of us. We’ve had some great times at that school, but I’m sure we’ll have many more.

Feeling rather tired now, but it really was better than I had expected.
Hope all of you are doing well.


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