Drafting a contract

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We’ve been very inactive lately, not sure if anyone gives a shit so whatever. 

Yesterday, we as a system made an important decision, which I will tell you about in just a few seconds. Now, making that decision lead us to start considering writing a contract for our system. We have thought about it before, but never really felt a need for it, but considering recent events I do think that it’d be worth giving a try. 

As of yesterday, Mimi is in charge of the body’s physical well-being. That means that she gets the last word when it comes to when/what we eat, when/how we exercise, body modifications and self-harm. None of us identify with the body, and therefore none of us feel responsible for the body. That is a good thing when it comes to decision-making since it makes compromising easier (no one is like “it’s MY body, I get the last word”), but it also allows unhealthy behaviors to go unhindered, and we can’t have that. And since Mimi has the most healthy attitude towards food/exercising/body image out of all of us, the choice was easy. She will try to make sure that we have a balanced diet (healthy food mixed with some sweets and snacks here and there), exercise regularly but not obsessively and so on. Now, one has to remember that we have a high level of co-consciousness, so consulting Mimi at any given time won’t be a problem. Respecting her decision might be though. We’ll see.

Now, the question is, what else should we include in our contract? Well, for starters, we should include that, while we (the other alters) must respect and be considerate of RP’s (host) fears and concerns, they (RP) must not pull us back and suppress us when it comes to everyday decisions. That means that we get more say in things like what to wear, we may announce ourselves to people we feel safe with and we get more time to spend on our hobbies. Sounds fair enough to me. 

Also, I need to have the right to voice my opinion, one way or another. Because seriously, this bottled up anger is getting the best of me, and I ain’t having it. I’m still not sure how to express it without triggering someone else, but we’ll have to work on that ASAP. 

I really like that we’ve been getting more room to buy stuff we want, like art supplies, food and clothes. I think we should keep that up. Of course there has to be a limit, we can’t just go off and spend all our money. Guess we’re gonna have to put someone in charge of our spendings. Probably RP. See? I can be diplomatic as fuck. 

(Perhaps everyone should be in charge of something, based on their traits and talents?) 

What else? Can’t think of anything right now.

Do you guys have any ideas on what should be included in a contract? Do you have one?

/ Phemie


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