Little update

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I can’t begin to describe to you how exhausted I am. I don’t know what the hell is going on, but whenever I’m (or most other alters actually) out I just sleep or sit around doing nothing. I simply cannot bring myself to do anything productive. Wynn has been out a lot lately, not sure if it’s because we’ve had a break from school (she is usually only out when I’m alone with my boyfriend) or if it’s because she’s been the only one with any energy whatsoever, that’s been able to front. Mimi was out briefly here and there, but to be honest she hasn’t been very active since the incident with the friend we had to block. She pretty much kept to herself, didn’t speak to anyone after that. A couple of days ago I noticed her speaking with Sinner (super weird considering they are like polar opposites, but whatever) and it’s helped her. Mimi now has her own tumblr blog (MimiMollyJr if you want to check her out) and I think that’s a good thing. 

Hmm, what else.. Yeah, we’ve been having a minor (?) crisis, just things from the past coming to haunt us. It’s been very hard on especially me and Stranger, but we’re okay now. That’s about it for now I suppose. Hope you are all doing alright.



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