100 happy days project

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I’ve decided to participate in the “100 happy days project”. The idea is to write down something that brightened your day, every day for 100 days! I’ve already started on tumblr a few days ago, now I’m starting here as well!

I hope that maybe some of you will join me!

I was too tired to write anything down yesterday, so I’m doing both yesterday and today now..

Okay, yesterday I was happy that the physical therapist I’m currently seeing took my problems seriously and that we were able to complete the assessment we’ve been doing for the last weeks! I was also very happy while playing cards with some of my classmates 🙂 Furthermore, I was, as always, very grateful for all the sunshine and for my boyfriend being around 🙂

Today I am happy that I was taken seriously by the psychologist I saw, and that he wasn’t afraid to ask me about my DDNOS and my alters. I’m also glad that I did my workout.

What made you happy today?


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