My cup collection!

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If you have a little in your system, you probably recognize this situation: you’re out shopping or just walking by some stores, they spot something cute and they need it, right now. I was casually checking out some stores while I waited for my boyfriend’s lecture to finish, and I/we saw this adorable cup with a panda on it and Wynn got all excited and she just had to have it. So I bought it for her, even though I’d sworn to not spend too much money this money since I’d already spent a lot last month.. Seems I hadn’t taken how hard it is to say no to her into consideration.

Anyway, after buy that cup, I just felt like showing you all what my “cup collection” look like. Yep.

This first one was a gift from a friend of mine, she knows me all too well..



Here is the panda cup that Wynn had to have. Look at him, with his knitted sweater and bowtie.





My owl cup


Front and back of my Asia-inspired cup, complete with a tea filter and lid!





Another owl cup, this one is for on the go.


And another gift. Pretty, isn’t it?




That was my cup collection, I hope you enjoyed.


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