Ordered some books

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I just ordered some books about DID and managing life with it. Really quite happy about that because.. you know that feeling like “okay, I’ve reached a point where feel like it is possible for me to start getting my shit together and improving, so let’s do it”? I don’t know if that is a common feeling or not, but that’s sort of where I’ve been for like a month or two (with some exceptions where I’ve just been feeling like shit). So I’m happy to finally get started on it! 

On another note, us alters have been awfully quite for a while now and it’s starting to freak us out. Denial, doubt, sorrow and emptiness usually come with alters suddenly going mute, and it just sucks. I’m so done with feeling heavy and sad, I just want to feel better. To make progress. To feel like we’re actually going somewhere. 

Okay, now I’m just rambling. Bye



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