Progress with Benji

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For those of you who don’t know, Benji is one of my newest alters, he is 8 years old and has a history of abuse. When he came to my alters’ house, he barely spoke.. But he’s been making so much progress! Phemie’s been taking care of him and him and Wynn are best friends now 🙂 

Yesterday, Benji fronted for the first time. It happened in school and it was.. strange to say the least. He has this melancholia to him, but it went well. Not sure if anyone noticed, gonna ask around tomorrow I think. He was out for about 20-30 minutes, which is fairly long given the circumstances (I usually switch rapidly and frequently in school). Sorry, I just can’t get over how strange it felt. I can’t really explain it, it was just very unfamiliar. 

I still haven’t quite figure him out. A couple of days ago all hell broke loose in the inner world. Nemo had a breakdown and went back into his windowless room in the attic. There was this tension in the air, and everyone was feeling down. Phemie and Kathryn were hanging out in her room, discussing what happened. Even Wynn was feeling blue, she was curled up in Jiyu’s bed the whole time. Benji remained surprisingly calm though and I’m not sure why. 

Either way, I think that him fronting is a good sign, or at least that’s how I choose to see it. 


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