Super mega update (just kidding)

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Okay, okay, I don’t know what’s up with me right now, feeling kind of chatty. Weird. 

Anyway, time for a quick update. 

So the criteria for DID has been slightly changed in the new DSM (Basically, the criteria now says that you can have black outs/lose time on a regular basis (which we don’t really have) OR be unable to remember traumatic events (bingo)) and now we might meet all of the criteria for DID. I talked to our psychologist about it and she set us up for an appointment with a doctor who supposedly has some experience with dissociative disorders for a re-evaluation. Exciting stuff. 

Also, we are getting an evaluation to see if we need an evaluation by a psychologist (don’t you juts love mental health care’s efficiency?) at the eating disorder team. Wish us luck, I guess. 

We also bought some painting equipment (for all of us) and pastel crayons (mostly for Wynn) so we can get creative at home too! So I’m kind of looking forward to that. 

We are also currently working on making a dream that we’ve had since the body was just a little girl come true! But, I think I’m gonna save that for another time 😛



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