Phemie’s been growing

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Phemie has been fronting for longer periods of time then ever these past couple of days, and it’s been a relief.It’s quite nice getting a bit of a break from everything sometimes (Note: I’m always co-conscious, so when I say “get a break” I mean that I can kind of lay low and watch while she does her thing, I don’t have black-outs). 

I’ve noticed some fairly big changes in her since she’s become more active. She’s been connecting more with the real world, if that makes sense. All of a sudden she wants to have the body’s ear pierced and buy new clothes and jewelery. I feel like she’s growing as a person. I’ve also noticed that the better I get to know an alter, the easier it becomes for me to see them and their rooms in the inner world. This has lead me to realize that she and Sinner don’t really get along. They aren’t fighting or ignoring each other or anything, it’s kind of on a teasing each other and dropping sarcastic comments – level. 

Realizing that the more an alter fronts, the more well-rounded they become has been very exciting and motivating. To be honest, I’m don’t know why I haven’t thought about that before, I mean, it makes sense. Oh well, I’m so looking forward to giving my alters the opportunity to front more and to get to know them better. I just feel like it’s never the right time, you know. I’m in school all day and when I get home I’m tired and I want to hang out with my boyfriend. However, I’ll do my best to give them free rein whenever possible.


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