News on new alter – Kathryn

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Okay, so I’ve gathered some new information on a new alter of mine named Kathryn. She is 25, has curly light brown-red-ish hair and is very shy, insecure and innocent yet friendly and caring once she’s started to like someone. Even though she’s often battles anxiety, she is still ready to smile and be happy (even if it’s just for the moment), especially when someone is kind to her. She is Phemie’s friend/girlfriend I believe. And that’s about all I know.. Here are some picture I found that sort of look like her (as usual, I don’t own any of these pictures, I just found them online)

Her hair isn’t blonde, but brown/red-ish, but other than that this picture really does resemble her. This is what her hair looks like! The expression on her face and the feeling in this pic makes me think of Kathryn.

Now you know as much as I do about her.


2 thoughts on “News on new alter – Kathryn

    willowabba said:
    January 14, 2014 at 7:43 pm

    finding new parts is always a good time

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