“voices” vs alters, a rant

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Rant coming up.

As you might know, we are in hospital due to a depressive episode. The staff here keep on talking about our “voices” and it’s is pissing me the fuck. So let me just break it down for you:

1. When talking  about “voices”, one is usually referring to auditory hallucinations, which is a sign of psychosis. Alters are not the result of psychosis, but of dissociation. Our diagnosis is DISSOCIATIVE disorder NOS, not psychosis. Am I making myself clear?

2. The staff is also going on about how these “voices” are telling the host what to do and shit. Bitch please, if I want to do something, I take over the body and do it. Period. I don’t need to give orders when I can just front and have my way. And yes, alters can be nagging and ordering the person who is fronting around, and just generally be a huge pain in the ass, but we are not evil dictator-voices and we are certainly not symptoms of an illness. We came around to support and protect our hosts, not because they lost touch with reality. Get your facts straight, gee.

3. “voices” are auditory hallucinations, as mentioned earlier. They are voices that the person hallucinating can hear.  Alters are more than just someone talking inside your head, we have interests, likes and dislikes, difficulties, strengths… Oh, and FEELINGS. Yeah, we have those too. What a shocker. We are much more complex than a voice inside someone’s head. We are people sharing a body, dickhead.

4. Next time anyone even thinks the term “imaginary friend” I will go medieval on their ass.
Honestly we have NEVER had imaginary friends. And you know, I thought that knowing that having imaginary friends is not a disorder and certainly not a diagnosis was just common sense, especially amongst mental health care professionals but I guess I just think way too highly of people.

I am so fucking sick of these uneducated fuckers. I mean sure, it’s a complex and controversial disorder, and they might not know anything about it, but that’s when you get over yourself and ASK the person with the disorder. You don’t just sit there and assume things, like some fucking fortune teller. Is that so fucking hard? Good lord.



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