Nomination for the Versatile blogger award!

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So I’ve been nominated for the Versatile blogger award by Day1by1! Thank you so, so much! It mean so much to me to know that I’m actually helping at least one person!  🙂 You’ve definitely brightened my week!

I nominate these blogs: 








And here are 7 facts about me:

1. I am named after Jessica Fletcher from Murder, she wrote

2. I love, love, love fruit

3. I have climbed a mountain!

4. I speak Swedish, German and English, and I’m currently learning Japanese

5. My secret talent in finding four-leafed clovers. I have even spotted them while just walking by. I have witnesses!

6. I love spending time in nature. Hiking in forests is one of my favorite activities

7. I’m impressed by people who are genuinely interested, and who aren’t afraid to ask about what they want to know. I think this worlds needs more brave, curious people.

So there you go! 🙂


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