Update: Wynn and tumblr

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I have now given Wynn her own tumblr for her to follow blogs and check out their pictures (she only cares about the pictures and GIFs, really). However, she will not be posting anything at all, and I’ll make sure she only follows safe blogs and sticks to only checking her dash and nothing more. I’ve also disabled the “submit” and “ask” functions.

I feel like it’s a good compromise, she can look at pretty things and be happy and inspired, but still be safe. I still have some thinking to do regarding her posting stuff, because she is really into fashion and wants to show the world her clothes and stuff but I’m afraid of people being mean to her. We’ll see what I come up with, perhaps we can find a way for her to safely run her own blog but for now I’ll let her post stuff on mine.

When I was a kid and my parents forbid me to do certain things I used to get really annoyed, but now I begin to understand their reasoning.. It’s hard keeping kids both satisfied and safe.


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