My Aspergers-anthem: Naughty Boy ft. Sam Smith- Lalala

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If you know someone with Aspergers, you probably know that we usually can’t stand long speeches- if you have something to say please keep it short and concise. I don’t ever mean to be rude, but it unbelievably exhausting and irritating for me when I’m faced with pointless chitchat and people who can’t cut to the chase. In fact, a lot of Aspies have trouble with this..

That’s because a lot of people with Aspergers have trouble pinpointing what information is important and what isn’t. It simply takes more energy to process what you are saying and determine what is important and what is not. Not to mention that it’s harder for us to decode all those social queues. It’s very hard to focus when you throw all these words at me, and I get the feeling that you’re not really going anywhere with it. I know you are trying to be nice, making good conversation and stuff, but what you’re really doing is draining me, making me extremely irritated and grumpy, and ultimately feeling guilty for being such a dick when you were only trying to be friendly.

I know a lot people who don’t have Aspergers, especially those who are very sociable, have trouble with keeping it short and feel rude for skipping the chitchat (*cough* my mum), but rest assured that you are doing us a huge favor (if the person with Aspergers has asked you to do so, that is).
Glad we talked about this.


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