Look what I can do with my thumb

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Like if you get that reference 😛

If you have been following me for a while, you’ll probably know that I’ve been in a very dark place these last couple of weeks. I am finally feeling a bit better, so yay for that 🙂 Therefore, I wanted to share something that makes me really proud and happy, an achievement of great magnitude, at least for me.

I’m disabled, I’m mentally ill and I have several personalities. My sense of times is non-existent, I get lost in shopping malls (literally, my sense of locality is rubbish). Sometimes I’m hit by crippling social anxiety, which can make the simplest things like grocery shopping or just leaving my home impossible. I’m awkward in social situations, the thought of having to meet and interact with strangers scares the shit out of me.
I can’t get through the day without medication.
I can’t function without therapy. Hell, I have two psychologists.
I can’t speak or move sometimes.
I can’t get by without basically daily help, reassurance and encouragement from others.


I CAN climb a mountain!

This summer, I participated in a camp way up north here in Sweden. While I was there, I bravely and successfully looked one of my biggest fears, namely heights, in the eye and laughed in its face! Haha!
The mountain is called Skuleberget, and it’s about 280 meters/920 ft high.  It was on of the most nerve wracking things I’ve ever done, but I did it! Needless to say, I’m very proud of myself and I’m planning to do it again next year 🙂

So here I present to you some pictures me and my friend took while climbing a mountain. Enjoy! 🙂

DSC_0528 DSC_0532 DSC_0534 DSC_0535 DSC_0538 DSC_0540 DSC_0548 DSC_0557 DSC_0558 DSC_0559 DSC_0561 DSC_0562 DSC_0573 DSC_0579 DSC_0580 DSC_0582


3 thoughts on “Look what I can do with my thumb

    brokenbutbeingrepaired said:
    October 4, 2013 at 6:18 pm

    Well done ( all of you 🙂 )

    Looks like it was really fun and the scenery is beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing.

    tutuprincess said:
    October 4, 2013 at 6:35 pm

    Yay! You rock!

    amanda said:
    October 4, 2013 at 6:58 pm

    Du är bäst! 😀

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