What Wynn kind of looks like

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Just to clarify: These are just some images I found on Google, I haven’t made them or own the rights to them. I just want to give you guys (and honestly myself too) an idea of what she looks like. I’m aware that these pictures don’t fully match the description I provide, but like I said, I’m just trying to give you an idea of what she looks like.

She is about 8 years old, however, she is an age-slider. That means that she slides/”switches” between being somewhere around 6-9 years old (it’s quite hard for me to tell because I don’t know what age her behavior suggests she is simply because I don’t know that much about developmental/child psychology. If you know more about it and would like to help me find out how old she is, let me know! I’d love to know). She is hyper and cheerful most of the time.

She has fair, straight but tousled hair that goes to the middle of her shoulder blades. She’s pretty small and thin, with big blue eyes and round cheeks. She loves cats and I’m starting to suspect that she either has one of her own or that she likes pretending to be one. Oh, and she loves dressing up in cute skirts and dresses, preferably in bright colors (not in pink though) and with floral prints or polka dots and match it with a pair of knee high stockings. Also, she enjoys dressing as if she was belongs in an anime. Of course her hairstyles also reflect her interest in animes: she likes braiding it or putting it up in (fluffy) pigtails and top it off with bows or hair clips with animals on them.

The many faces of Wynn 😛

So there you have it


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