Musical introduction to… Wynn

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Yeah… While I love and adore Wynn, I do have been dreading this.. It’s going to be fairly embarrassing. She loves upbeat music, preferably pop, and being the little girl she is, lyrics don’t mean much to her. This leads her to enjoying artist and songs that might not be very child-friendly, artist and songs that I’m ashamed to have on my iPod/phone. Also, she just loves Glee and the Glee-cast covers. Oh, and parodies by BarelyPolitical on youtube. She loves listening to the radio, and makes me listen to it as well. Everyday.

The songs linked to below are song might not really describe her, but songs that she likes listening to.

Here it goes…

Her most recent obsession:

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu- PONPONPON

Glee cast’ version – Starships

Bruno Mars- Treasure

Glee cast- Start me up/Living on a prayer mash-up

Icona pop- I love it

Jessie J- Domino

Glee cast- Black or White

Queen- Don’t stop me now

She could go on (believe me), but I’m gonna leave it at this.

How we feel about her:

Flyleaf- Amy says

Flyleaf- set apart this dream

As always, it was difficult putting this list together, mostly because I don’t agree with her taste in music. Most of the stuff she likes, I find quite shallow… Oh well.

Hope you enjoyed it anyway!



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