Cloudy with a chance of fuck-ups

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So my mind is still weird. I can’t think, I can’t concentrate and I keep forgetting things. I am going on a camping trip this weekend, so yesterday I took the train to my parents house to collect a bigger bag and a sleeping bad and stuff like that. So I get all my stuff, got on the train to the city where my boarding school is and after a few minutes, the train stops. Apparently the police had stopped the train because there was someone on the track. Because of this, my train arrived 30 minutes later than scheduled.

When I reached my boarding school, I realize that I had forgotten my stuff on the train. *sigh* So I called the costumer service, and they give me the number to the eh.. the department that takes care of thing people loose on trains. I went to school this morning, as usual, and then it struck me that I forgot to bring the note with the telephone number of the department. Great, just great. I tried finding it one the Internet, but it turns out they have four different phone numbers that are almost identical so I really couldn’t which of them was right. Instead, e-mailed them. I got a message back saying that it can take up to two weeks for lost things  get to the lost and found department.

Yeah… I’m getting really tired of this. It really feels like I have this dense fog in my brain, almost like someone is trying to block me out. Maybe someone is, I don’t know.. I was a little better yesterday morning, then I slipped back into zombie-mode.

Brain, what did I do to deserve this?


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