Musical introduction to… Euphemie

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Hey everyone!

I wanted you guys to get to know my alters a little more, and so I thought, what better way to do that then by using music! Music is a big part of my life, and I often find it very helpful to using music when trying to express myself.

We’re going to start out with Euphemie, or Phemie, as I like to call her. The songs I’ll link to below are songs that describe her and her way of seeing things, or simply songs that she likes. I hope you’ll enjoy it and that you can get a better understanding of who she is and what she’s about!

Paramore- Careful

Paramore- Playing God

Incubus- Megalomaniac

My Chemical Romance- Teenagers

Florence and the Machine- Seven Devils

Depeche Mode- Wrong

Depeche Mode- Strangelove

Thirty Seconds To Mars- Night of the hunter

Flyleaf- Breathe Today

The Offspring- You’re gonna go far, kid

Linkin Park- When they come for me

Linkin Parl- The Catalyst

Ouf, that was hard! o.o

Hope you enjoyed it!


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