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So hello everyone.

I haven’t posted anything for a few days, so I just wanted to let you know how things are going. First of all: I have still have trouble falling asleep, which of course is worrying because sleep deprivation makes me extremely sensitive. However, I think the medication is finally starting to kick in (The one I’m taking now releases a small doses throughout the day as opposed to releasing everything at once). Either way, I’m feeling better. Maybe it’s because I have a new math book that I find more comprehensive than the other one. It might sound like a weird thing to get so upset about but that’s just the way triggers work. They might not make much sense to anyone else but the one it affects.

I also got a letter today saying that the Japanese course that I had applied for was full and that I would be notified if I get a spot. I was really disappointed. I will however continue looking and with a little luck get into a course in a different city or so. We’ll see. I’ve also been considering studying Japanese at a university next year, but I don’t know.. there is so much that I want to study. *Sigh* Being inquisitive sucks sometimes.

This whole Japanese thing has also lead to me realizing that Wynn loves watching anime and dressing up as though she was in one. That explains some of “my” previous fashion choices. In fact, I’ve been trying to imitate animes in a lot of different ways throughout my life, from dressing like they do to wanting to do the sports they practice to mimicking their gestures and quirks.  I even started loving traveling by train after I saw Fullmetal Alchemist.

So that was if for tonight. I was thinking of maybe posting something about (my) fears. Would that be interesting for you guys?


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