Thoughts on new alters

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I’ve been quite tired and numb today, possibly because of all thIS thinking and worrying about new and “old” alters. Also, I visited one of my psychologists… We talked about me and my boyfriend moving in together (yeah, I haven’t told you guys about that yet. Me and my boyfriend of two years found an apartment and we’re gonna move in together, super excited about  🙂 ) and about my thoughts on my alters. While we were talking, something struck me: What if the broken child is unable to speak just so it won’t tell me about the things we’ve been through? A very saddening thought..

On another note, I’ve been looking at names for my alters. I think I found one for one of the “new” ones. I’m quite sure her name is Euphemie (means well-spoken). Naming my alters is a kind of difficult process, I usually start with looking for a name with a meaning that fits. Also, of course, me and the alter have to like the name.
I did find a name that would’ve fit the broken child; Dougie, meaning dark water or from the dark river, and it can be used for both girls and boys, which was important to me since I’m not sure about its gender. I don’t think I’m gonna go with it though, sounds too cute and childish…

Still have a lot of thinking to do, it’s so confusing and overwhelming to find that there probably are more people in my body.. It’s both exciting and frighting. I just wish I could figure it all out, you know…

Advice on how to figure alters out, please?


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